Annual General Meeting of Women FPO at Banke Bazar, Gaya

Executive Summary of this project

Banke Bazar Mahila Vikas Producer Company Limited, in the field of Agriculture, in the field of Nutritious Garden, in the field of Lemongrass Oil, in the field of Mustard Oil Processing, in the field of Phenyl, in the field of Mushroom, in the field of Soap Making, Baby Corn (Maize ) Farming, work has been done which has been done under HDFC Parivartan and Sarva Seva Samiti organization sponsored project and in joint collaboration. This project is for the economic empowerment of women and their participation and support to the market and institutions and the project aims at the development of Lemongrass Cultivation and Processing, Mustard Processing Unit, Pulses Mill Processing, Beach Processing, Root Cultivation and Enterprise Development, Input and Establishment of output centre, livelihood, skill development, institutional development, pulses seed production, nutrition garden, crop demonstration training, farmers got support for producer group/FPO formation training etc. through this project.

Nutritious Garden: Banke Bazaar Mahila Vikas Producer Company Limited has received 50 Nutrient Garden kits in April 2022 from Seminar1 Agro Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with HDFC and Sarva Seva Samiti organization, which was given to 50 farmers. A kit worth ₹ 900 was given to the farmers for just ₹ 100 so that they could understand the importance and usefulness of the dress garden. Whose income has increased from ₹ 2000 to ₹ 3000 due to the nutritious garden. Again in October 2022, work was done on Nutri Vatika with 348 farmers, all were given kitchen garden small kits for just ₹ 25 and this also increased the income tax of farmers from ₹ 1500 to 2000.

Lemongrass was cultivated in Bihargani and Bela and cultivated in 20.5 acres in Bihargani and 20 acres in Bela with the support of Agriculture Department, Government of Bihar. One litter of lemongrass oil is extracted from one katta, its price is ₹ 1200/kg, due to this farming, there was a huge increase in the income of the farmer and the barren land emerged as fertile land. For its promotion, support has also been received from time to time from the government.

In collaboration with Mustard Seed APC, Snehi 2022, 51 farmers were provided 50 kg seeds free of cost from the Block Agriculture Office, due to which the income of the farmers increased from Rs 800 to Rs 4500. Apart from this, high quality seeds of Kala and Yellow Mustard were purchased by FPC at the rate of Rs 175 and Rs 185 per kg and FPC sold this seed at the rate of Rs 220 with profit. For mustard processing, 1015 kg of mustard was taken. After mustard processing, 245 liters of oil was extracted, it was sold at the rate of ₹ 180. The remaining mustard has been kept for processing.

The work of making phenyl and soap from grass level grass oil was started by FPC and training of the members was also given. From this we came to know that it can be turned into an entrepreneur and the soap being manufactured till now is very useful and very important from the point of view of profit. Phenyl of levelgrass oil has been sold in the form of 30 liters, the rate of which is Rs 55 and 30, similarly, the soap of levelgrass oil has been sold in the form of 89 soap, the rate of which is Rs 72 and 80, 40.

In the field of mushroom production, by providing training on Butter, Oyster and Milky White Mushroom through FPC, mushroom cultivation was done with 200 farmers in 2022 and with 100 farmers in 2023, which was very good from the profit point of view. Can give double profit in three months if it is done well. There is a demand for them in the local markets also and there is a possibility of increasing it. Mushroom production can be done throughout the year amidst the increasing and decreasing temperatures throughout the year.

Baby Corn Cultivation: After training by FPC, baby corn cultivation was started on a small scale with 50 farmers, which was successful, the crop would be ready in two months.

Activities and Achievements: –

1.Banke Bazaar Mahila Vikas Producer Company Limited has received 50 Nutritious Garden Kits on April 2022 which were given to 50 farmers. In October 2022, work was done on Nutritious Garden with 348 farmers.

2. Lemongrass soap and phenyl – After receiving training, the work of making soap and phenyl from lemongrass oil was started by FPC.

3. Mushroom production – FPC shareholder member was given training on butter, oyster and milky white mushroom by Rajesh Kumar Singh, Buddha Mushroom, after which mushroom cultivation was done with 200 farmers in 2022 and with 300 farmers in 2023. This crop, which is quite good from the profit point of view, can double one’s income in three months if it is done well.

4. Baby Corn – Baby corn cultivation was started by 50 farmers and a good feedback was received from the farmers due to which FPC will make baby corn cultivation as a business in future.

5. Two trainings on Moong were conducted, the first training was conducted with 25 farmers and the second training was conducted with 35 farmers and Moong cultivation was done using modern methods by 50 farmers.

6. Two trainings for Marua cultivation have been done with 50 farmers for Marua cultivation and for wheat cultivation with 51 farmers and for onion cultivation it has been done with 53 farmers and for Mentha cultivation Has been done with 18 farmers. Sesame cultivation was done with 36 farmers in 2022 and with 130 farmers in 2023.

7. Boring – The government department gave two motor pump sets to the community through FPC for irrigating the fields. The community contributed Rs. 60,000 and Rs. 1,20,000 and an individual farmer who had planted Boring Vihargaani contributed Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 1,00,000.

  8. Lemongrass Processing – Lemongrass cultivation was done by Bankebazar FPC in 20 acres in Vihargani with 20 farmers and after its harvesting, lemongrass oil was extracted from the lemongrass processing unit and used in making various things. Seeing this demonstration, 20 acres of farming was done by the Agriculture Department through FPC in Bela and the Banke Bazar FPC was given a soap making plant by the Agriculture Department and a building was given along with it. The Chief Minister went to inspect the lemongrass farm in Bela village and after seeing the stall of Bankebazar FPC in Bela village, he appreciated everything made by the FPC women.

9. Food Kit – Bankebazar FPC has started a new initiative in the form of food kit so that there is food security and through this initiative, ration for the month is available to the poor farmers and no member goes hungry without food. Stay.

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