Entrepreneurship Development Programme to Tilkut Production Cluster with 35 women participants at Musaila Gram Panchayat under Mohanpur Block of Gaya District, Bihar.

A wonderful initiative under the ERADA project to empower women through entrepreneurship training and certification in various sectors. Here’s a summary of the key points description:

ERADA Project: The ERADA project is funded by Deutsche Gesellschaft für International Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The project started in December 2022 in five villages of Mohanpur block, Gaya, Bihar. 

The objectives of the project are- a) To improve the wage work potential of vulnerable households and enhance the natural resource base (water, soil, forests, etc.) in selected project areas,  b) Long-term green livelihood development in convergence with the NRLM and other relevant national and state level programs,  c) Improve convergence and strengthening of multi-stakeholder platform for providing better access to vulnerable households. 

The ERADA project organized a certification day following six days of entrepreneurship training for women.

  1. Three Clusters: The women participants were grouped into three clusters, each focused on a different sector: mushroom cultivation, Vilfood group, and Gortari section.
  2. Training Sessions: Each of these clusters underwent a 6-day training session, presumably tailored to their respective sectors.
  3. Certification Planning: After completing the training, the partner team worked on planning the certification process.
  4. Facilitation: 4S India played a role in facilitating this certification process.
  5. Formation of Groups: The participants were actively involved in the formation of groups, which likely fostered collaboration and mutual support.
  6. Program Date and Location: The certification program took place on September 28th, at Musaila Gram Panchayat in the Mohanpur Block of Gaya District, Bihar.
  7. Entrepreneurship Certification: As a result of this program, the women who participated in the training and certification are now recognized as entrepreneurs.

This initiative seems to have provided valuable skills and opportunities for women in Bihar, helping them become entrepreneurs and potentially improving their livelihoods. It’s a commendable effort to promote entrepreneurship and economic empowerment.

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