Goat Machans – A Safe Zone for Farmers

Goat Machans – A Safe Zone for Farmers

In both the blocks (Bankey Bazar & Imamganj) have tremendous potential in terms of livestock but still due to lack of awareness, capital support and capacity building intervention, the area remained under-developed. We established 117 goat Machan (formed by farmers’ contribution of labour and bamboo) in our project area was the major achievement. We gave training around the benefit of Goat Machan. When we discussed in FPCG meeting, peoples were not showing interest in making Machan for goat but after the exposure visit of nearest Livestock Farmer Field School (FFS), some people show interest in making Machan. When they formed and goats sitting happily in their shed then they are believing us.

Major Activities

  1. Group Selection for Goat rearing farmers.
  2. Orientation and Training of Goat Rearing
  3. Establishment of Goat rearing Machan
  4. Selection of Breed for rearing (Black Bangal)


  1. Income enhancement of Interest Group.
  2. Sustainability and Market approach for the Goat farmers


Since agriculture intervention is inadequate to provide venture capital for the households to sustain their livelihood as well as households which have very limited source of income due to lack of lands and employment/under paid employment, the residents prefer to migrants from their household to earn money. As the goat rearing is tradition activity for the households in the area for Milk and Selling purpose, the establishment of Goat Breeding centre would help habitats to elevate their annual income.


For the objective, ‘Holistic Approach for the increase in income of Poor and Marginal Households’ to approach and engage the migrant workers as well as increase the income of poor households which have limit employment opportunities for their livelihood activities through healthy goat rearing.

Type of Intervention:

  • Selection of Interest Group Entrepreneur
  • Orientation and Training

The Handholding support will be provided through regular engagement with beneficiaries and to be motivated for the engagement in the Goat Rearing activities through visits by livestock Experts and Training sessions till one year for the sustainability of Business.


Increase in Annual Income of household through Goat rearing and establishment of enterprise. The beneficiaries would be capable of processing progressive business and their decision making for their business to develop towards Local Economic Activation.


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