Systems & Statutory compliance

Monitoring System

For every project, a Project Monitoring Committee (PMC) is formed which consists of 4S senior management team, Project coordinator and partner/funding agency representative. This PMC reviews the project progress on monthly/quarterly basis and based on the feedback and suggestions, action plans are prepared. Field monitoring visits are also conducted time to time to assess the quality and quantity deliverables.

Result Framework

For every program, a logical framework (LFA) is developed and based on that a Program Implementation Plan (PIP) is prepared. In LFA, impact indicators are clearly defined along with its means of verification and corresponding activities and outcomes are also defined. To measure the progress of impact, this LFA and the PIP are referred. The role of each and every member is also defined with qualitative as well as quantitative target vs achievement. These indicators are discussed and reviewed during monthly/quarterly review meets and further action plan is corrected/prepared after consultation with the PMC


For every intervention, the approach is community centered. We ensure maximum community participation right from project planning its implementation and execution. During community mobilization, we identify community leaders who actively participate in the facilitation processes. These identified leaders are given ample training & capacity building opportunities so that they can spearhead the program even after the project ends. We also sensitize other key stakeholders including PRI members as their contribution is crucial for program sustenance.

HR Systems and Policy manuals

HR Policy Manual

  • Office hours, holidays, Leaves, Duties & Responsibilities
  • HR process (HR planning, recruitment, Induction, Performance Appraisal ,Training & development, Promotion, Transfer, Exit)
  • Staff Welfare policy
  • Travel policy
  • Financial & Accounting Policy
  • Gender Policy
  • Policy against sexual harassment at workplace (Internal Complaint Committee/ ICC under Vishakha guideline)
  • Travel policy
  • Policy on child protection
  • Employee code of conduct Policy
  • Diversity & Inclusion Policy
  • Data Security Policy
  • Conflict of Interest Policy
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