Theme: Disaster management & Climate change

Intervention of 4S in disaster management includes three major components:

(a) Disaster preparedness- 4S has been working to take a measure to aware and prepare the vulnerable community so as to minimize the shock and effectively cope with the consequences, and to support the local government in disaster preparedness,

(b) Disaster response/ relief- 4S is always behind the community, who have been adversely effected, to meet their immediate need on a war foot basis, and

(c) Disaster recovery- For livelihood recovery, 4S first surveys the livelihood situation of the community, develops livelihood revival plan, and then implements accordingly.

Apart from these, introducing/ supporting climate resilient agriculture in the rural areas is a major intervention of 4S as a local level action against climate change.

Emergency relief to disasters (COVID and AmFun) in Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha

Micro-enterprise development of returned migrants and the persons who lost job due to COVID outbreak

Initiative started on: August, 2020

Location: Muzaffarpur, Gaya, Nawada, Katihar of Bihar

Objectives: To support rural poor, in terms of technical training and financial support, who aspires to build/ revive their livelihood by establishing/ extending micro-enterprise in various off farm and non farm sectors

Improving life and livelihood of flood affected community in Bihar

Initiative started on: November, 2020

Location: Katihar and Araria, Bihar

Objectives: To bring in economic security in lives of 1000 HHs, to ensure growth in asset value, to bring economic, social & inspirational changes in the lives, to provide professional assistance to increase aspirations, self-confidence and self-esteem, and to facilitate convergence with Govt. schemes & entitlements to increase their access to various welfare benefits

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