Theme: Institutional Development Services

4S, India has over the years have been building, trusting and empowering local community institutions as a key element of its strategy to support and promote livelihoods. Institutions of people which are participatory often form the bedrock of successful livelihood interventions.

The intervention includes organizing the scattered, disenfranchised and vulnerable community, developing their confidence, aspirations and skills, promoting community driven institutions (including SHG federations, Producer groups, Farmers Producer Organizations/ FPOs etc.), strengthening their governance system, their MIS systems along with building the capacities to become self-sufficient and act independently for their socio-economic development.

Promotion of FPO as CBBO of SFAC, NABARD and NCDC in Uttar Pradesh & Bihar

Promotion of Millets through promotion of Farmers Producer Organization (FPO) in Jharkhand

Initiative started on: April, 2020

Location: Khunti and Gumla, Jharkhnand

Project objectives: To promote two Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs), one each in Khunti & Gumla districts. The major commodity selected is Millet.

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